Saturday, February 20, 2016

Le Brûloir

The Indie Coffee Passport adventures continue!!! Le Brûloir is such a beautiful spot in Ahuntsic by Metro Sauvé. The weather was really awful so I ended up taking an Uber to the cafe once I got out of Sauve. I fell in love with the decor immediately! The wallpaper was so unique and I loved the lamps all around the cafe. 

I set up in the midde of the cafe at the big long table to study with my delicious latté. It was such a cold day that the windows were all fogged up and I felt so cozy and comfy with my coffee. After a few solid hours of studying I decided to order some food. The menu looked so good!! I ordered a carrot and ginger soup with mediterranean pizza. The food was simple but so fresh! I loved that everything was homemade!!

This is literally the perfect place to study because you have lots of desk space, great lighting, outlets, wifi, coffee and food. Everything is at your fingertips - what more could you need?

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