Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Prolonging a Manicure

I wrote about my amazing manicure at Yellow Door Salon a few weeks ago! The nail polish was still going strong almost two weeks later. I was frustrated with the blank space where my nails were growing out but I wasn't ready to remove the polish since it hadn't chipped at all!

Photo 1: Long nails, two weeks after my manicure

Photo 2: Trimmed and re-shaped

Photo 3: Base filled in with glitter

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Yellow Door Studio

Yellow Door Studio is a lounge, espresso bar and nail salon in downtown Oakville! A few days before my (surprise) engagement, my cousin brought me to this gorgeous space for a manicure. I immediately fell in love with the cozy entrance! The space is so luxurious and inviting and the owner is such a gem! She made us amazing cappuccinos (beans sourced from a local micro roaster called De Mello Palheta Roasters) and we relaxed a bit on the comfy couches admiring the décor and the bar while picking out our nail colours.

While my upcoming engagement was unbeknownst to me, I picked an OPI nail colour called Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs. Was that some crazy foreshadowing or what?! I was so happy with the result and of course it was great to have my nails done since everyone kept asking me to see my ring! We enjoyed our cappuccinos the whole time we were getting pampered too.

You can host parties at Yellow Door, as well as attend their many events like themed dance parties! This is a great spot to catch up with a girlfriend, spoil your mom, or treat yourself. Thanks Yellow Door Studio (and my mom and cousin) for keeping my engagement a surprise and for the beautiful nails! 


Monday, January 21, 2019

Cha Cha Matcha

Cha Cha Matcha is a matcha café with a few shops in LA and New York. We visited the flatiron location for some post gym fuel! The space inside is so beautiful so of course I had to have a photo shoot (I mean how could you not take a million photos in this gorgeous pink space). I learned a lot about Matcha along the way thanks to the awesome posters inside and the super friendly staff.

Matcha is a vibrant green powder milled from green tea leaves from Japan. It results in caffeine like energy and lots of antioxidants (think defence against heart diseases etc). You can infuse matcha into just about anything including hot beverages, pastries, candy and cocktails. 

We ordered a matcha chai to share which is one of their more popular drinks! It is essentially their home made chai mixed with milk and matcha. The taste was very smooth – not as bitter as I was expecting – with a great balance of spices. They also offer seasonal drinks such as matcha with hibiscus, rose hips and bee pollen or lavender honey mixed with collagen and blue algae. We weren’t feeling super adventurous but maybe next time!