Friday, February 19, 2016

Café Campanelli

Hi Everyone! I was so excited that I had the day off today. It's so nice sometimes to just take a day for yourself without having any plans. I think I'll try to do this every once in a while for mysef!

I went to explore the St. Henri area today to visit Allo Velo but found out that they were closed for the winter! Luckily I ran into the owners who said they would honour the ICP when they opened in the spring even though the passport would be expired by then.

I used my handy adbeus app and found out that I was close by to Café Campanelli. Wow, I absolutely loved the coffee here! I think this may be my favourite coffee so far!!! The latte was so amazing and the milk did not overpower the espresso. This was the most perfectly balanced latté I have ever had. I ordered a lemon tart to go with my latté as well. The menu looked so good and there were a lot of great food options on there as well.

I liked the set up of the coffe shop. There were bar stools big enough to study with lamps for extra lighting. Next to the cafe is an adjoining boutique. This was my favourite accidental discovery ever. I will definitely be coming back for more lattés!!!

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