Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brooklyn Café

Brooklyn was another great stop on the 2015 Indie Coffee Passport! I woke up early and came straight here for some breakfast and coffee before my midterm!! They had an awesome variety of oatmeal options and I decided to order “El Gordo” which was steel cut oats with Nutella, coconut flakes, dried cranberries and a bit of milk. I loved that you could also create your own oatmeal by choosing your ingredients! Their menu also had a lot of other breakfast and lunch items as well as coffee and pastries. I ordered a cappuccino to go with my breakfast and did some last minute reading.

The space was really cool. Seating was a bit limited to only counter space and I could tell they get busy during lunch time as I was leaving. The really interesting part was that they have a lot of mid-century modern décor for sale. It was cool looking at the pieces there. I also noticed a large conference / meeting room in the back which I think you may be able to rent out for groups.

I loved the vibe and the canteen style food. Everything smelled amazing and you could tell that the food was fresh and homemade. If this spot was closer to my office I would definitely swing by for lunch often. Thanks ICP for introducing me to this spot!

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