Friday, February 26, 2016

Café M

I finished another midterm yesterday, woohoo! I got my hair cut from Aveda and then stopped at Café M to study for my midterm. I ordered a latte and Nutella shortbread cookie. Both were delicious! I was pleasantly surprised that the café was pretty big inside since it looks small from the outside. The tables were big and there was also counter space and couches. I loved the cozy vibe and the exposed brick inside.

It was really nice and quiet with a few other working people. I think it helped that I was there on a weekday in the middle of the afternoon. I liked how friendly the owner was. My favourite part had to be the soothing classical music which was the perfect study soundtrack. I almost felt like I could’ve been in a spa!

Café M is one of the few places that offers a Chemix pour over coffee. I wasn’t in an adventurous mood so I stuck with my guns and loved my latte. Hope you are all staying cozy with a nice hot cup of joe as well!

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