Thursday, February 18, 2016

Café Vito

Yesterday I went to Café Vito in Villeray after work with Charlotte courtesy of my ICP! I loved that they are open late every day since it's hard to explore cafés on a week night after work.

The cafe itself is pretty small with only a bit of counter space and I was surprised that there were laundry machines in the back of the cafe. The staff at Vito are really friendly but I felt that it's easy for other people to be in your conversation because of the small space.

Along the counters there are a few plugs so people can set up their laptops and work away while sipping great coffee. Vito also has free wifi which is great for anyone who needs to work! I really enjoyed my latte, and the menu was extensive with lots of food and dessert as well as gelato! They are planning to open a second location in the Old Port so I'll have to make sure I visit that one too!

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