Friday, December 20, 2019

FEED Shop & Café

FEED is a new café and shop we discovered in DUMBO’s Time Out Market. FEED is an impact driven lifestyle brand that offers meaningful ways to make a difference. For every coffee you buy, it provides one meal to someone in need with a focus on providing school meals to the most vulnerable communities around the world (including right here in the US). Every product made has a number on it, and this number represents the school meals donated with its purchase.

The shop features a variety of goods such as candles, tote bags and more. FEED also works with artists from Kenya to India and through the sale of the artisan-made goods they not only provide meals, but help promote a sustainable livelihood for the artisan partners and their families.

Now onto the coffee, they serve all sorts of coffee drinks in partnership with La Colombe (one of my favourites) and their baked goods are served in partnership with Ovenly. My favourite part of coming here was that they’re dog friendly! I loved my drip coffee and my pup loved the treats they kept at the counter along with all the attention and belly rubs that he kept getting from the other customers!

There is a large table and also some counter seats to enjoy your drinks and snacks. We ended up walking through the rest of the Time Out Market while sipping our coffee. If I lived closer I’d make this a regular spot for me! The baristas are very welcoming and the space is so cozy! This is a must-visit café in my favourite Brooklyn neighbourhood!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Boris & Horton

Boris and Horton is NYC’s best dog friendly café! Located in the East Village, this spot is a great place to bring your pup for some fun while sipping on a latte and meeting other fellow dogs and pawrents! 

They serve coffee and pastries as well as beer, wine, sandwiches, cheese plates and more! You must order your food and drinks from a separate section of the café (where dogs are not permitted to enter) and then you can bring it into the main part where there are plenty of tables set up. There is also an app available where you can order in advance and just go pick up your food.

I really love this concept but I was shocked at how busy it was! I saw a number of people working on laptops but I definitely would not be able to focus with all the pups running everywhere! It was so sweet to see my pup and my friend's pup explore and greet the other dogs with so much excitement! 

This spot hosts various events as well as meetups and adoption events. It’s a unique spot to bring your pup or to come enjoy the presence of other pups if you’re feeling like you need a sweet pick me up!