Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cafe Odessa

I am such a fan of of anything nautical, so naturally I immediately fell in love with Café Odessa's anchor logo and café theme! After church I hopped on the metro to Beaubien station and after a short walk found myself at this adorable café. From the outside it looks tiny, but the inside is so cozy and there is a good amount of seating available at the bar and on tables.

Charlotte and I found the perfect spot at the bar next to the counter. The surface area was a bit larger there and it was a great spot to spread out our notes and study for our two upcoming midterms! I sipped on my latte, tuned out the world with my nature sounds, and successfully studied for a solid hour! I really loved it here and would recommend it in a heart beat. The coffee was amazing and the staff was super friendly!

Merci Café Odessa!

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