Saturday, February 27, 2016

Café Java Mythe

I had a great afternoon at Café Java Mythe today! Located just a short walk away from metro Jarry, Java Mythe is a café and bistro with such a warm atmosphere and super friendly vibe! I had been trying to come here for a while but had to schedule it perfectly since they are closed on Sundays and only open until 3 or 5 on weekdays. I loved that the staff made it a point to get to know me and chat with all the other customers as well.

I had an amazing cappuccino topped with cinnamon courtesy of my Indie Coffee Passport. Just as I finished my cappuccino, George brought me a Ristretto to taste and it was hands down the best espresso I've ever had! I learned that ristretto is traditionally a short shot of espresso coffee made with a normal amount of ground coffee, but with half the amount of water. It is the sweetest part of the coffee. I didn't think that I would like drinking an espresso but this was amazing! No wonder Java Mythe has been awarded the best espresso for many years by Krups!

Java Mythe does not have wifi which encourages people to chat and contributes to the overall friendly vibe. If you are looking for a place to plug in, this is not your spot, however you can bring a book to read (like I did) and you can be sure that you'll find good company inside. Even though I do not live close by I definitely plan on stopping by again!

Comfy atmosphere, wonderful service and amazing coffee. What more could I have asked for on my Saturday afternoon?

Merci Café Java Mythe!

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