Thursday, February 11, 2016

Café Bloom

Hey Everyone – I have been all over the place the past little while, travelling both for fun and business! Last weekend I had brunch at Café Bloom with some friends. A short walk from metro Charlevoix, Café Bloom is a cute little breakfast spot with amazing coffee! I loved the gorgeous tile flower counters and the overall ambiance. While we waited for the rest of our crew to arrive, we started with our coffee. I absolutely loved my latte. For brunch we all ordered a  breakfast bowl: quinoa, caramelized veggies, butternut squash, kale and a soft boiled egg topped with zesty tahini sauce. A healthy choice to end the weekend! There were a lot of different choices on the menu but unfortunately the weekend menu was different from the week day menu.

While I imagined this café to be more of a restaurant, there were a few students huddled over their laptops peering into their screens and studying intensely. I’m not sure I would do the same, as it felt more like a restaurant to me. I was also told that Bloom is always packed, so I would feel guilty lingering for too long if people were waiting to be seated for brunch!

If you find yourself in Point St Charles, or just in the mood to take a fun metro ride Café Bloom is a must!

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