Monday, May 18, 2020

Irving Farm: Guadalupe

This week's Trade Coffee delivery was the Guadalupe blend by Irving Farm in New York! The roaster opened in 1996 in  Hudson Valley by David Elwell and Steve Leven and has been a pioneer in paving the way with industry-leading grower relationships and clean practices designed to use less fuel.

The Guadalupe is sweet and smooth. It's a beautifully balanced coffee with medium body and has a traditional base with hints of citrus and milk chocolate.

Fun Fact: Irving Farm is named after this roaster's original Manhattan café on Irving Place.

Monday, May 4, 2020

PT's Coffee: Flatlander Signature Blend

Our first Trade order arrived! Firstly, I was so impressed with the packaging and the nice box it came in! Trade also gives clear instructions on how to dispose of the packaging ie what's recyclable, what's compostable etc. I also loved that it came with a description of the coffee and why they picked it for us (based on our profile!).

We received the Flatlander Signature Blend by PT's Coffee, a Kansas roastery. The coffee has a traditional base with notes hints of caramel and nuts with a hint of chocolate in the finish. It's a medium body and takes well to cream. I liked the nutty finish but there was a bit of a sweet aftertaste which didn't make it my favourite!

Fun Fact: This roaster's co-founder helped found the United States Barista Competition in 1999.