Monday, October 30, 2017

Café Bassi

Café Bassi is a bicycle shop and cafe all in one in the Plateau, right by the famous 24/7 poutine spot La Banquise. I enjoyed a nice cold iced coffee (brewed with Dispatch beans) with a cranberry - pumpkin seed loaf. There is no seating inside - this really is primarily a bicycle shop, but I sat outside on the beach and enjoyed the fresh air while waiting to meet up with a friend. The coffee was good, but unless you're coming to rent a bike or to get your bike repaired I wouldn't go out of the way to try their coffee.

Update: The café has unfortunately closed down to make more room for the bicycle shop!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Saratoga Coffee Traders

We spent a beautiful fall weekend in Lake George, NY and had a chance to swing by Saratoga Springs on the way home! On our way back, we discovered Saratoga Coffee Traders, a local café on one of the main streets.

Their menu is extensive and includes all types of hot drinks and cold drinks and sandwiches and snacks. We chose 2 seasonal specialties to keep us warm on the drive home. I got an Irish cream and peppermint coffee and Alan got a mudslide which was a chocolate and Irish cream coffee.

You can subscribe on their website for monthly coffee deliveries which includes a pound of coffee each month with free shipping. They also sell merchandise such as mugs and shirts. I love that their website also has an option to order online. This ensures that your order is ready for pickup whenever you're ready and you can beat the lunch rush!

These guys are celebrating their 10 year anniversary next year on Aug 1, 2018 (congrats!) and to help celebrate you can compete to design their new mug! Check out the competition details on their website here.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Ginkgo is a new café and bar in the heart of Montreal's quartier des spectacles. It's a beautiful and bright spot with plenty of seating! Ginkgo offers delicious food, cocktails and coffee. I found my cappuccino tasty however this spot is definitely more of a restaurant in my opinion than a café. Next time you're in the area, grab a friend and check out this gorgeous spot over a cocktail or brunch!


Monday, October 2, 2017

Allo Velo

Allo Velo is your one stop shop for everything bicycle rated in Montreal and inside the store there is a cute little coffee corner. This was my second time here thanks to the Indie Coffee Passport, but last time they were located in a different location in St Henri.

The new space is located in Griffintown right on Rue Shannan. It's spacious enough to house a number of bicycles and gear and it also has an awesome nook to hang out in and enjoy coffee. The coffee was delicious as always! I loved my cappuccino and my friend C also really liked her americano. Hope to stop by again sometime!