About Me

Hi, I'm Melissa! I first started blogging in 2012 as an assignment for one of my university classes at McGill. I decided to write about my long-time love for coffee and my new found love for fragrances. This blog allowed me to explore new cafes which also doubled up as great study spots. It also helped me learn more about the fragrance world, which I was exposed to when I entered the world of luxury and beauty at my part time job at EtiketThe project grew quickly and stuck with me long after the due date. My assignment soon turned into a hobby and a passion. 

Now, I'm a recent university graduate who is adjusting to a new life consisting of high heels, suits and cubicles. This updated blog is a platform where I can share all of my favourite things which include more than just coffee and fragrances. I love all things girly including tea, coffee, fragrances, nail designs, beauty products, fashion and travel. 

Melissa B Social is an online journal that captures a little piece of me. Thank you all for taking the time to share this with me! 

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