Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Café Difference

The race to complete the Indie Coffee Passport is on! With only 2 weeks to go, I have 8 cafes left to visit in 13 days!

Yesterday at lunch I went to Café Difference with my colleague Charlotte. We both grabbed a latte and squeezed into a little nook to study for an hour. The café itself was very cute but so crowded. Since the café is located in Square Victoria (financial district) there were lots of business people stopping in for their post-lunch, afternoon pick me up coffee.

The setup was very much for socializing, not studying. There was a long booth with tiny tables and a few counters but not enough chairs. Looking back, I could have stood up at a counter and studied, but we were lucky enough to find 2 tables just big enough for our coffee and a set of notes.

All in all, great coffee and cool business vibe but not a café I could spend hours in.

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