Sunday, February 5, 2017

La Graine Brûlée

La Graine Brûlée is a funky café with lots of Quebecois innuendo and paraphernalia. The minute I walked into this café I was mesmerized by the colours and the space. The high ceilings are so nice and the interior is designed in such an inviting way. There are picnic tables with umbrellas, booths, bunk beds, tents, and tables.

The focal point of this cafe is an enclosed circular booth with bars around it, which simulate the shape of a ferris wheel. There is actually a small ferris wheel that is moving in the centre of the large table. The atmosphere here is fun and reminds me of a carnival. The bright lights helped cheer me up during the long, dark, winter days.

I ordered a cappuccino which I enjoyed, plugged in my headphones, and had a very productive working hour. This café also has brunch on the weekends for the whole family, and you can even rent out space for parties. I’ve been here twice already and was so excited to see that it was included on the 2017 Indie Coffee Passport. I’ll definitely be back since it’s close to my office and easily accessible by metro as well.

I’d encourage you to look into buying the ICP for your city. It’s a great way to explore at such a reasonable price!!

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