Sunday, January 29, 2017

Leaves Cafe

Leaves Cafe is the first (and only) all-vegan espresso bar in Montreal. I loved the concept here – very natural and earthy. Leaves has lots of natural light, and is filled with plants and cacti. They sell mini plants in small “to-go” coffee cups in addition to coffee and homemade baked goods. There is not a lot of seating apart from a few tables, and some counter space along the wall.

I felt so silly when the barista asked me what kind of milk I wanted in my cappuccino. I responded absentmindedly, “um, regular is fine” and he had to remind me that they were a vegan café so my options were soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk. I decided to go with almond milk, and boy was there a big difference. It wasn’t exactly my favourite coffee but I’m glad I tried it to see what it’s all about. It was certainly a healthier option. I doubt I’ll be back here again but strongly encourage everyone to try it at least once!

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