Thursday, February 23, 2017

Le Petit Dep

Le Petit Dep is the cutest convenience store / café in the heart of the Old Port! I stumbled upon this spot last year and was drawn to its beautiful window display and green storefront. The dep sell all kinds of gourmet items, ready to eat food, snacks, candy and so much more!

I love that they have a little café section at the front of the cafe. I ordered a cappuccino and a few chocolate covered coffee beans to try! This is not exactly somewhere where you can park yourself for yours, but my friend C and I found seats at the window and had a chance to sit down and drink our coffees.

Le Petit Dep serves all kinds of coffee as well as smoothies and simple breakfast food. I love that they promote local products of the highest quality. Thank you Indie Coffee Passport for adding this one to the list this year!

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