Saturday, July 9, 2016

Crew Collective & Café

I've found the ultimate study spot! Crew Café is a gorgeous café and office space in the old port. This building used to be the Royal Bank's corporate headquarters, and was once the tallest landmark in Canada. In 2010 the tower was abandoned and is now home to Crew, an "invite-only community where you meet top freelance designers, developers, or studios to build your next project."

The building has gorgeous fifty-foot-high ceilings and 12,000 square feet of space. The first floor has been transformed into a café which is open to the public. It has free WiFi, silence pods for focused work and breakout meeting rooms which are available if you have a Crew Membership. The café is open 7 days a week and until 8 which is great for working folks like me.

I ordered a cappuccino which was very good and I was happy to see that taxes were already included in the price. There was a lot of seating available from tables and couches to bar stools and breakout rooms. We were lucky that we got to snag a semi private room which had fantastic lighting, a huge table, and plugs everywhere. The coolest part of browsing the online menu was that you could order online and have them bring your coffee and food right to you!

The music was a bit loud but I think it must have been the acoustics since the sound resonated beautifully throughout the high ceilings. This would be the perfect spot to rent out for an event. Thanks for the productive Saturday Crew Café!

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