Sunday, July 10, 2016

Café Code Noir

It’s day 2 of my super efficient study weekend and I’m loving how productive this grey and rainy weather is making me! Today Charlotte and I went to Café Code Noir on St. Laurent in the Plateau. This spot is nice and big with a large table at the front and smaller tables and booths along the back. There is WiFi and a lot of outlets everywhere for us studious folks. I found the music to be loud but nothing a bit of white noise couldn’t drown out.

Charlotte ordered an Americano and I had a latte which was ok but a little bitter. I found that I needed to add sugar which I rarely do these days. The food looked good as well with a lot of vegan sandwich options and cookies. I liked the art work on the walls and the lighting. It was super cozy and also industrial chic. The counter also had a nice tile design.

All in all, a cool spot to study and a great location but not my favourite cup of coffee.

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