Friday, July 29, 2016

Café Osmo

I am officially done my CRM!!! I wrote my last exam this afternoon and came straight to this gorgeous café to celebrate! Café Osmo, located just before St. Laurent on Sherbrooke is slightly underground and perfectly hidden.

I fell in love with the décor immediately! The chairs were the coolest I have ever seen. I also loved the terrace outside and the overall casual and cool vibe. Every Friday afternoon they have been having BBQs outside but I had just missed it.

This space is perfect for students and freelance workers. It's also great for a chill afternoon if you just want to catch up with some friends. Working here a good way to meet people since the tables are "shared"if it gets too packed. There were plenty of outlets and free WiFi which is a huge plus. I had a cappuccino which was good but a little stronger than I'm used to. Overall, definitely a beautiful space and one I'd really recommend trying out!

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