Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stella by TOCCA

For a long time now I’ve had my eye (and nose) on this scent by TOCCA. There was just something about Stella that drew me in immediately.  Most citrus scents are best suited for casual, outdoor summer days but Stella stands out in the citrus category. It is chic, modern, and elegant in addition to being refreshing, pleasant and bright. It can be worn in the spring or summer to add some glamour to any occasion. Despite being a summer scent, I plan on wearing this throughout the holiday season to make my Christmas aura classier. I find Stella to be very sophisticated, and it smells beautifully natural when spritzed on my skin. Rather then being overpowering, all of the notes complement each other perfectly.

This fresh and flirtatious fragrance is composed with top notes of Bitter Orange, Blood Orange and Water Accord; middle notes of White Freesia, Wild Diamond Orchids and Spicy Lily; and bottom notes of Sheer Musk and Sandalwood. Once again TOCCA has successfully drawn from Italian and European influences to create another whimsical and magical fragrance.

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