Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Layering Scents

Etiket hosted its very first in-store engraving event this past week! Gerard Camme, from Atelier Cologne in New York came to our boutique to engrave and give us a sneak peak of the newest fragrance – Mistral Patchouli. (Stay tuned for its arrival in Spring 2013). He engraved beautiful leather pouches while answering all of our fragrance related questions. My burning question was the following: Can you layer scents without smelling overpowering?

Scents are created to be worn alone and smell different on every person once they have mixed with each individual’s natural body chemicals. Of course, there is neither a limit to how many perfumes you can wear nor a correct way to wear them. Gerard and I experimented with a variation of colognes until I found my favourite. First I sprayed the Vanille Insensée onto my pulse points and then spritzed the Orange Sanguine on top. This lightened the overall smell and created a sophisticated and spicy yet flirty and fresh scent on my skin. I found this mixture perfect to wear in the winter months or even in the spring. 

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