Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have grown up drinking tea from a very young age. My mom always told me the answer to any problem was tea. If I was sick, the easiest cure was tea. I learned quickly that if I was tired the cure was tea, and if I couldn’t sleep the cure was simply a cup of tea. For many years I couldn’t start my day without tea but ever since I moved to Montreal for school I have broken out of that habit. My blogging journey has opened my eyes to many different flavours of tea – herbal, spiced and green teas to name a few. It took me a while to learn that there were more kinds of tea then the classic Orange Pekoe by Tetley and Red Rose. I never knew the world of tea was so extensive! 

I had a very special visitor this weekend. Mama Baz came to Montreal to celebrate her birthday with me this year. I couldn’t think of a more fitting place to take her for afternoon tea than Nocochi, which is located on Sherbrooke and Mackay, right by the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

            The atmosphere was very relaxing and had an art-gallery inspired environment. We noticed many couples, friends and families enjoying small pastries, tea and European-style coffee. All of the pastries are made by hand following traditional Persian and Middle Eastern recipes. They also have an extensive breakfast and sandwich menu. This cozy little patisserie also offers catering for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.

We both ordered the most delicious almond croissants that melted in our mouths at the first bite. After pouring over the menu for at least 10 minutes I decided to go with the Casanova tea, which was a blend of black teas from Ceylon and China with vanilla, cinnamon, mango, berries and rhubarb combined with flower petals and dried fruit. My mom also chose a black tea called the Shining Star. This tea was scented with spices, vanilla, cloves, citrus fruit, cardamom orange peels and golden nuggets. It was the perfect choice for a celebration and I’d love to go back for their Afternoon Tea. 

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