Saturday, November 24, 2012

Storing Fragrances

So the snow has already threatened to flurry – or perhaps it’s already fluttering down where you are – which means you’re firmly in the winter-woolly mindset. Or at least you’ve started to wear socks again. You’ve also moved into a new fragrance: perhaps an eau-de-parfum version of your favourite summer floral, or a completely new spritz that’s rich and delicious and more in ine with your want-to-sit-by-the-fireplace-all-evening head space.

Q: So how best to store those favourite warm-weather scents so they’re fresh for next spring?

A: Store them in the fridge. Yes, in the fridge. It will prolong the life of your scent, and it’s a great solution if you like to switch up your fragrance with the season, but keep your scent stockpile in tip-top shape. 

Originally published on The Whale and the Rose

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