Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My newest discovery is a cute, little, hole-in-the-wall coffee shop called Pikolo Espresso BarThis café is on Sherbrooke and Parc, conveniently located right across from the Provigo grocery store! I first heard about it through a friend and decided I had to drag my next coffee-loving victim, Alan, to try it with me!

Pikolo has a laid back atmosphere but is quite small. When we went, we noted that it was very cozy - and by cozy I mean ridiculously warm. The staff must have had the heating on full blast because I was dying from the heat in there! Regardless Alan and I both ordered warm drinks but ironically, neither of us chose an espresso.

Alan ordered a cappuccino, which he enjoyed. I can’t seem to break away from my coffee comfort zone, and not so surprisingly ordered a mokaccino. I’m not going to complain about not being adventurous because I was really happy with my choice! We noticed a lot of people studying there but the shop wasn’t very big and seemed a little too squishy to use as a study spot. We were really lucky to even find a place to sit. 

The best part of our drinks had to be the coffee art, which seems to be a trend everywhere I go! Despite the intense heat and tight quarters, I would recommend Pikolo as a cute date spot. It’s not overwhelmingly large and it is fairly quiet so you can hear what the other person is actually saying! For all you espresso lovers out there – don’t miss a chance to try Pikolo! 

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