Saturday, November 3, 2012

LaLicious Love

I've decided to cheat a little bit this week and not talk about a new fragrance. I'm still very much enjoying my TOCCA fragrances and am not on the hunt for anything new at the moment. Instead, this week's post is about a number of delicious smelling products from my favourite line at Etiket - LaLicious.
LaLicious is an all-natural bath and body line that began in California. The entire line includes body soufflé scrubs, body soaps and body butters. The scrubs use natural ingredients and are created by a special whipped technique. Coconut and almond oil provide minerals, vitamins, and proteins that are essential for beautiful skin. The oils also penetrate skin easily while locking in moisture without leaving a greasy feeling. Almond oil relieves itching, dryness, inflammation, burns and thread veins. Vitamin E oil soothes and conditions as honey helps soften. Pure cane sugar is a less abrasive exfoliant than salt and won't sting cuts on the skin. LaLicious helps exfoliate, condition, moisturize and smooth the skin.

The first LaLicious product I bought was the Sugar Reef Scrub in the summer. This scrub made my skin feel amazing and I quickly became obsessed with the smell. I looked for every excuse to take a shower simply because I wanted to exfoliate…my roommates thought I was insane! My next addition was the Lily Mango Body Butter. This moisturizer was perfect for the summer months and reminded me of being in the tropics. Next I received the Passionfruit Lime Body Soap. This uniquely created whipped soap lathers nicely on your skin and leaves it smelling delicious! My current obsession is the Coconut Cream Body Scrub and I recently added the Coconut Cream Body Butter to my collection. Each scent leaves your skin silky smooth with a lingering scent that stays with you for a while so you don’t even need to use another fragrance.

On a fun note, celebrities like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Eva Mendez and Kate Hudson can’t seem to get enough of LaLicious. I love this line and have to constantly remind myself that these products are not edible! Even the packaging says, “no tasting please!” 

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