Thursday, February 10, 2022

Hala Coffee & Kitchen

Hala Coffee and Kitchen is my latest café discovery in Bushwick. I loved the welcoming vibe and ordered my coffee to stay for the first time in a while! There's nothing I love more than sipping a hot coffee out of a mug (not a to-go cup!) and reading a book! 

The decor was nice and minimal with fun demask tiles and large modern wooden tables with plenty of high top seating. The light was streaming in from the large windows and it almost made me forget how cold it was outside! 

Everything on the menu looked great. I decided to try the rosemary, clove and cranberry latte which was their winter special and it did not disappoint! The rosemary and clove syrup was a bit sweet but the tart cranberries helped balance out the flavours so it wasn't too overwhelming. In addition to the standard coffee drinks, Hala services tea, pastries and has a brunch menu. Next time I'm in Bushwick I'll make sure to stop in here for brunch too! 

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