Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Cupla Coffee

Hello from Utah! I'm so excited to finally be on vacation and to be taking a nice long ski trip here over the next week! 

We discovered an amazing café called Cupla Coffee that's connected to our hotel. Cupla means twin in Irish Gaelic and was chosen as the name of this café because it was founded by twins of Irish descent! Cupla roasts their own coffee which is sourced from plantations all around the world. The coffee rotates based on availability, seasonality and supply. We both got drip coffee to start the day!

The menu reflects the personal lifestyles of the founders which mirror a low carb, low sugar diet and they bake their goods in house. I noticed a lot of delicious baked goods and pastries (which included gluten free, paleo, keto and vegan options!) but ultimately ordered a breakfast burrito to fuel my ski day. 

In addition to the Park City spot, Cupla has another location in Salt Lake City. I loved how large the space was with plenty of seats, tables and comfy spots to hang out in! The ambiance was so welcoming and I could've stayed for a long time if we didn't have plans to hit the slopes! 

I highly recommend this spot if you're in Park City and staying in the Newpark / Kimball Junction area! 

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