Sunday, April 14, 2019

Brooklyn Roasting Company

Brooklyn Roasting Company is a roastery dedicated to sourcing sustainable coffee and supports environmentally friendly farming and trade practices. They have a production facility at the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard which is home base to about 60 employees who work in operations, roasting, packaging, sales and training! The roasting process is also very interesting and they actually are more environmentally friendly and 80% more efficient compared to any other roaster of comparable scale!  They really are committed to the environment and package their coffee in reusable cans on tin-steel and even use vintage or built-in-house furniture at their cafes!

Out of their 6 locations, there is 1 in Chelsea right in my neck of the woods. I stopped in for a quick coffee to go and really enjoyed the brew which was Guatemalan blend (medium roast) with notes of caramel, dried fruit and coca notes. 

BRC is a casual space with great coffee and cool merchandise. I love supporting local cafes and it’s even better when I know they do their part to be kind to our environment!


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