Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Caravane Café

Caravane Café is another cool spot right by the Cote de Neige metro. This café was founded by couple who at the time were students and wanted to create a meeting spot for other students in this area. Caravane café is a central meet up spot in a cool vibrant neighbourhood. The vibe is very much “by students, for students” but it attracts all types of people.

I really liked that Caravane is open late and has a lot of seating. There are a lot of large tables which makes it easy for students to work in groups. There are also some couches to lounge on. I loved the porch outside which I’m sure is packed in the summer. They serve all kinds of coffee and food including brunch, lunch, and dessert; they even cater. Their sandwiches and home-made soups smelled great. I ordered a cappuccino and set up my laptop for a few hours of blogging and working on my travel journal.

Carvane has rustic décor with wood details and long couches but is very cozy and modern at the same time with a lot of cool art work. This café attracts a large community who are interested in the same idea: drink, eat, and explore!

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