Saturday, November 19, 2016

Café Replika

Café Replika is a Turkish café in the Plateau-Mont Royal neighbourhood. I absolutely loved the atmosphere. It was very busy when I arrived (not unlike any other café on a Saturday morning) but surprisingly calm, which made for a good working environment. There are a number of large tables and some counter space to sit as well. The café was filled with students and families alike.

I ordered a Café Turc Mastique which is a sweetened Turkish coffee. It was black, thick and delicious with a bit of a smokey aftertaste. I sipped it slowly but really enjoyed it. I can't compare it with anything I've ever had before. My Turkish friend suggested that I try the Tahini Pastry but unfortunately they were already out by the time I got there.

Replika is a trendy coffee shop and a great spot to either work or chill out. I loved the vintage Turkish decor and especially my cup and saucer! Make sure to visit this unique Montreal spot if you're ever in the Plateau area!

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