Monday, March 14, 2016

Pourquois Pas Espresso Bar

Today was a grey and rainy day and I absolutely love spending rainy days reading a good book and drinking great coffee! Pourquois Pas is located right between the Berri and Beaudry metro stations. After a quick stop at the library, I decided to use adbeus (an amazing coffee locator app) to show me where the closest cafe was. Sure enough, Pourquois Pas popped up and I went straight since I had heard a lot about it already.

I ordered a latté and got settled on the bar looking out of the main window. My latté was delicious and not too milky. I felt really cozy and at home immediately. The cafe was industrial chic and the vibe was really chill and comfortable. I must have stayed for a few hours, just caught up in my book before I realized it was time to go. It's nice to just take a break sometimes and get lost in another world. Espresso lovers, make sure you try out this place next time you're in the area!

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