Monday, March 21, 2016

De Farine Et D'eau Fraîche

My friend C and I found a new place to study today. We discovered a beautiful coffee shop / tea house / restaurant by the Berri UQAM metro called De Farine et E'eau Fraîche. This gorgeous location is mainly a tea house but also a restaurant that serves brunch, afternoon tea with delicious baked goods, and lunch items such as soups, sandwiches and salads.

We both ordered a regular drip coffee which was delicious, and pulled out of laptops to work away for a few hours. There is a designated section near the back of the restaurant where people can work on their laptops at the table top bar, but since it wasn't busy we were lucky enough to stay at our table in the main dining hall. After a while I ordered the soup of the day and my friend got a sandwich.

This would be the perfect place to bring your mom or grandma for Mother's Day brunch of tea. It would also be great to bring a friend who is celebrating their birthday since there are plenty of cakes to chose from here! Overall, a gorgeous location, but not my top choice for a casual coffee and study session. This is more of a sit down restaurant in my opinion. 

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