Sunday, January 24, 2016

Café 1880

I had another great café adventure yesterday at Café 1880 on St. Denis. This café is just around the corner from the Berri UQAM metro and right by the huge library where I was just conveniently headed to in the morning to run a number of errands. 

I ordered a mocha and absolutely loved it! It was a sweet, chocolatey, warm hug on a bitterly cold day! I took my time at 1880, sipping on my mocha while finishing up my book of the week. The vibe here was so great. There were lots of tables for groups to sit together, and there were also high tables along the wall for us solo coffee drinkers (like me) to read and work. 

The menu was extensive with lots of different hot drinks, cold drinks and also pastries. I was lucky that it was not too busy so I could set myself up in my corner and zone out. It was a peaceful morning and I would absolutely go back again next time I'm in that area!


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