Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thankful Thursday

With fall in the air and Thanksgiving just around the corner I took some time to compile a list of a few things that I am thankful for. This list is not in any particular order, and could go on forever. I just wrote the first things that came to my mind. 

1. My People 

I know this is so cliche but I am so thankful for my parents, my boyfriend and my friends. They are all my peeps! They are always there for me and are so supportive. Even though I don't live in the same city as all of my peeps, I'm still so thankful for them and also thankful for my friends here in Montreal that take care of me!

2. Church

I have been a member of my church for my entire life and have met some incredible people over the past 23 years. They have seen me grow up and vice versa and I've made some life long friends. Now that I don't live in the same city, I've still met some pretty amazing people who make me feel at home in my adopted city.

3. Transportation

I am so thankful that I can easily see my family and loved ones who are not in the same city as me. Whether it's hopping on a train, plane, bus or renting a car I know that if I ever needed to get home or elsewhere I could easily do so.

4. My Job

I've been working for a little over a year now and I am so thankful that I'm constantly learning, and being challenged every single day. I have met some very special people over the past year who make it enjoyable to go into the office every day!

5. Health

I recently ran a 5K in the CIBC Run for the Cure and also will be participating in the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night event. Both made me thankful for my own health as well as my family's health.

I am also so thankful that I live in an amazing country that gets to experience 4 beautiful seasons every year! There is something so magical about Fall and I always find myself in a great mood! I hope you are inspired to think of a few things that you are thankful for. Thanks for reading!

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