Sunday, October 18, 2015

Favourite Fall Looks

It's officially Fall! The beautiful leaves are red and orange, and the air is so crisp in the morning when I walk to work. I adore everything about this season! 

I bought this tulip skirt below at Banana Factory in Philly and it's quickly become my favourite black skirt. I find the cut to be flattering even on a short person like me. 

White on white on beige with a touch of cheetah. Not sure if I really love this look now that I see the photo but it was comfy for the office so I can't complain.

I often forget how much a scarf can brighten up a look. This delicate floral scarf is from China Town and my mom has a similar one. Wearing all neutral tones was a bit dull but the scarf brought this outfit to life in my opinion.

My beige boyfriend blazer got a lot of wear this week! Thursdays are incredibly long days for me since I have class in the evening so every once in a while I try to wear something more casual for the entire day. I wore my Uggs to and from work but wore black heel booties at the office.

Casual Friday meant maroon leggings, a comfy grey tee and my trusted navy blazer with a long necklace.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed my outfits from this past week.

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