Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shout-Out to My Style Inspirations

When I started blogging two and a half years ago I never dreamt that my blog would evolve into this. My coffee-fragrance journal is now a more personal blog about my favourite things. Now I will be the first to admit that I am far from a fashionista and I am no style guru by any means, but I do enjoy putting together new outfit combinations from pieces that I already own in my closet. Today's post is a shout-out to my fellow bloggers from whom my inspiration stems from!

1. J's Everyday Fashion

J is an Florida based fashion blogger and stylist who creates looks for the every day woman! I absolutely love her combinations and feel inspired by the colours she pairs as well as the jewelry she wears which always tie her outfits together so well!

2. Franish

Franziska is a fashion blogger and student documenting her way through Medical School! Not only do I love her outfit combinations but I also love the other content she shares related to the medical world!

3. Veronika's Blushing

Veronika is a Toronto native (like me woohoo) and is a PR Specialist based in Texas. She has impeccable style and great beauty tips as well as the cutest daughter! Love how she always looks so put together!

4. Hello Gorgeous

Yasi - what an elegant lady! I love the way this blogger puts together outfit layouts on her blog. Her looks are so affordable and easy to replicate. She is the perfect definition of Business Casual! I wish I could borrow everything from her closet every single day!

5. Outfit Posts

MK at Outfit Posts works in a more conservative environment and I love her outfits that she shares. She is a Software Engineer / Project Manager based in Florida. My favourite posts of hers are the outfit capsules where she posts 1 piece many ways! It inspires me to come up with new combinations!

There are so many more blogs I browse for inspiration and of course I spend a lot of time on Pinterest too! These are just some blogs that I can relate to the most since their style influences me and fits in perfectly with the phase I am in right now in my life. As a young professional new to the corporate world I  find it fun but challenging to dress the part so thank you to all the ladies above for your inspiration! Where/who do you get your style inspiration from?

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