Friday, July 3, 2015

New at Etiket: Tauer Perfumes

Hi Everyone! I'm going to try something new here on the blog - Fragrance Fridays! Although I have not been consistent with this topic, I'm going to try to write weekly about perfumes. Kicking off this new weekly post is another gorgeous event I was at a couple of weeks ago at Etiket celebrating the launch of luxurious Tauer Perfumes.

Originating in Switzerland, this line of perfumes was created by an amazing self-taught artist named Andy Tauer who never formally studied the art of perfume making. Andy gained momentum in the fragrance world through social media and blogging which he first started in 2006. In 2009 Andy extended his blog to a new collaborative platform called Perfumism, which created an open platform for him to share the craft of perfumery and the day to day tasks of running an artistic perfumery house. Today Tauer Perfumes are classified into different collections including Classics, Homages, Sotto la Luna and Specials which you can discover further here.

One of my favourites is No. 4 in the Classics - Reverie Au Jardin Pour Elle which I sampled at Etiket. If you're interested you can sample and buy it here. In addition to the gorgeous Tauer Pefumes line, I had a chance to try and sample a number of other fragrances by Dame Perfumery and Monsillage. Stay tuned for some of my thoughts on all of those soon!

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