Sunday, February 1, 2015

Making Tea Lattes at Home

I am guilty of subscribing to many different newsletters...and never actually reading them. It was by chance that I actually clicked and opened my Davids Tea Newsletter last week. I came across a great little blurb on making tea lattes at home - so of course, I had to try it!

All you need for this is your favourite loose leaf tea, a steeper, milk and something to shake the milk in (I used a mason jar with a lid that I bought from the dollar store).

I started by steeping Organic Hot Lips tea in my little teapot. While the tea was infusing, I poured a bit of milk into the mason jar and shook it for about 30 seconds. (I'm so glad this mason jar had a handle). Then, I removed the lid and microwaved the milk for another 30 seconds. There was actually foam on top of the milk when I took it out!! The milk wasn't super hot, but it balanced out the steaming hot tea. I poured both into a mug with about a 50-50 ratio and voila!

Now at first, it tasted completely like milk so I added a teaspoon of sugar and then another. As I kept taking sips, I kept adding more and more tea to balance the taste but the proportions were still off. Then realized that maybe the flavour was a bit weak because I tried it with a light green tea.

I'm not giving up and I plan to try this again with a different kind of black tea - maybe a chai. I'm still so surprised that I was able to steam milk without a fancy machine!

Have you tried making a latte at home with a machine? I'm curious what kind of results you got!

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