Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cafe Névé

My amazing friend J took me out for a celebratory coffee this weekend since I just finished a bunch of work-related exams! It had been a long time since the two of us gals had seen each other, so we thought what better place to chit chat than at a cafe?! This week's spot was Cafe Névé in the heart of the Portuguese neighbourhood in the Plateau.

As soon as we entered we realized that maybe this wasn't exactly the kind of atmosphere we needed. Cafe Névé was filled with students and their books. Everyone seemed to be either furiously typing away at their laptops or frantically highlighting every inch of their textbook. I couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of nostalgia, which was quickly replaced by joy since I've finally passed that stage of my life.

We were lucky enough to find an empty couch as soon as we walked in. Since we had both had our caffeine fix for the day, I ordered a chai latte and J got a pot of mint tea. I loved the mason jar that my latte was served in - very hipster, and the teapot was made of cast iron.

The cafe itself was a little rough around the edges in my opinion. Milk crates were used to hold up some of the benches, the bathroom door was tagged with graffiti and the counters seemed like they needed refinishing...but that's exactly why it was so charming. All in all, this was a cool, hipster, study spot but not exactly what we had in mind. We were more interested in finding a relaxing place to lounge.

Despite all this, the decor was not at all a reflection of the coffee quality. The cafe was packed and many more people came in for to-go coffees. We really enjoyed our drinks! This is definitely a place to take your books if you're a student. I'm positive you will feed off everyone else's study vibes and ace those exams!

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