Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chai Thé Lounge

Exams are quickly sneaking up on us! Sometimes it’s important to change our study locations to best absorb all the information we’re trying to cram into our brains. Montreal is filled with cafés to study at but this week I want to talk about one of my favourites – Salon de Thé: Chaï Thé Lounge.

I’ve visited Chai already many times and there’s always something new to try on their menu. The tea selection includes a variety of green teas, black teas and herbal teas and is served in a colourful teapot with a matching teacup. A few of the flavours I’ve tried include Apple Spice, Spicy Chai, Bora Mango, Coconut, Mint Chocolate and one of my personal favourites - the Holiday Blend. As a bonus, they can turn any flavour of tea into a latté by steaming milk and adding a bit of sugar or sweetener. Although their specialty is tea, they also serve a variety of other warm drinks like hot chocolate (with different flavours), cappuccinos, mochas and espresso. Their cold drink menu is also quite extensive but I’ll save that for another week!

Not only does Chai serve some of the most delicious teas, they also have a large selection of desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, biscotti and my favourite, macarons! Their desserts are a perfect study snack or can even be packaged to go and given as a gift. Chai also sell accessories like teapots, tea infusers and travel mugs, which would also make great gifts for others (or yourself). My favourite gift to give though is a pack of 6 macarons with a tin of tea. You can choose any flavour of tea to be packaged in either a 50g, 100g, or 150g gorgeous tin which makes a great hostess gift.

In addition to its convenient location (Parc and Milton), Chai is currently offering extended hours during exam time so take advantage of this! A huge bonus is that the owner of Chai is also the owner of El Mundo, a café next door that services delicious soups and sandwiches. If you get hungry while studying you can order from the El Mundo menu and have it brought right to your table at Chai. Who wouldn’t want to go study there?

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