Saturday, July 6, 2024

OOP Cafe

My friend recently went to Brazil and brought me back some amazing coffee from OOP Cafe - I am obsessed! OOP is a group of companies in the specialty coffee sector that works with the entire coffee production chain: from curating producers and their beans, to selecting the best coffees, and roasting and distributing for both retail and wholesale in physical stores and online. 

The AAA blend is absolutely delicious and tastes like a perfect balance between sweet honey and more complex warm spices. It's super smooth and perfectly rich with a splash of cream! 

In Afrikaans, Oop means open, and their mission is to be an "open house" where everyone is welcome to share the coffee experience. This hit me extra hard because this friend who brought back this coffee for me is truly the most open, welcoming and kind human being. This coffee will always be extra special to me because of both the meaning of oop and our friendship! 

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