Saturday, June 3, 2023

Vanilla Gorilla Cafe

Vanilla Gorilla Cafe is my latest midtown coffee shop find. I decided to pop in here for a quick brunch between my Saturday rehearsals and it did not disappoint!! 

They currently have 3 locations in Manhattan: Times Square, Hells Kitchen and Union Square. The Times Square location was a little busy when I dropped in but I managed to still find a spot to sit and enjoy my pastrino breakfast sandwich and chai latte! 

Their signature pastrino sandwiches are essentially a flat croissant wrap. I ordered the breakfast version and it was perfectly flaky and buttery. The croissant flavours went so well together with the bacon, eggs and cheese! They also have sweet pastrinos and lunch pastrinos on the menu as well as regular sandwich bread if croissants are not your cup of tea. 

The atmosphere is very casual and welcoming with plenty of comfortable seating in addition to good coffee and food! It's so conveniently located and I'm sure I'll be back again to try the pastries and other sandwiches! 

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