Monday, January 27, 2020

Four Barrel Coffee

Four Barrel is an independent, locally owned coffee roaster in San Francisco. They operate a pair of cafes and have a partner location in The Mill. They also directly source almost all of the coffee that they roast for themselves and their wholesale partners. The roasting style is very clean yet complex and I could definitely taste something special in my (decaf) cappuccino! They roast their beans onsite in the back so that’s why the coffee tasted so fresh!

I met up with some friends at their Mission location and let me tell you - this spot was popping (literally)! The space was pretty large but there were no seats available and the line was almost out the door! We ordered our coffees hoping a table would open up but eventually just settled on some standing room around a counter. The atmosphere was very hipster and cool with exposed beams and a rustic vibe! This was such a great spot and I’ll need to come by to try something else next time I visit San Francisco !

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