Sunday, November 10, 2019

Café Grumpy

Grumpy started out in Greenpoint in 2005 and has grown to over 10 locations all over new York and has even expanded to New Jersey and Miami. I first heard of Café Grumpy when the HBI series “Girls” was super popular. I can’t remember if I ever tried their coffee while visiting the city over the past years, but my friend recently suggested stop by the Chelsea location which is super close to where we live!  

The Chelsea spot was really busy and crowded so we decided to get our lattes to go. I loved my vanilla latte and my friend got a maple latte. We laughed because the service was a bit slow with unfriendly baristas (true to the café name) but the coffee was delicious so we couldn’t complain! I enjoyed the coffee and its proximity to home!

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