Saturday, March 16, 2019

Martha's Country Bakery

We spent a day exploring Williamsburg this weekend – including the famous Bedford Ave and some of the shops around the neighbourhood! We decided to stop into Martha’s Country Bakery to warm up with a cup of joe. The café was nice and spacious and filled with young people, old people and families alike. There was no wait, and I loved the casual atmosphere here!  

There were cases and cases of gorgeous desserts and even though I don’t have much of a sweet tooth everything looked so colourful and absolutely delectable! They serve everything form pastries, pies and cakes, to coffee and smoothies. There is something for everyone here! We ordered a mocha diablo and grey vanilla chai latte. My mocha diablo was slightly spiced but I could’ve handled a bit more heat! Al’s vanilla chai latte was an early grey tea with vanilla. This was the perfect way to warm up before we continued exploring the neighbourhood! 

Food Tip: We had dinner with friends at Birds of a Feather just around the corner from this cafe. Definitely a great spot to try if you like Szechuan food!


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