Thursday, September 27, 2018

Xanadu Coffee

Xanadu Coffee is a cute little spot in Chelsea. It's nestled between a dry cleaner, barbershop and an AT&T store right on 23rd street. I love the lighting and the cute décor inside! The subtle flowers on the backsplash was definitely my favourite detail. The spot is small and doesn't have a bathroom so I wouldn't recommend setting up camp here for hours on end to study, but they do have free wifi and the mirrors add a nice touch and make the space feel more open. 

They have many flavours of gelato which you can enjoy outside, and their coffee is delicious as well. It was recently re-opened by new owners who are Turkish – so of course when we found that out we decided that we had to try their Turkish Coffee! I decided to try their cappuccino as well. Both were good but a bit bolder than I was expecting. The menu includes hot and cold coffee, teas, smoothies and plenty of food items as well like sandwiches, sweet and savoury crepes and waffles! 

We didn’t have much time to sit and enjoy your coffee so we got our to go. This place is not fancy but the coffee is good and the barista was super friendly! Would definitely recommend paying them a visit if you’re in Chelsea. 

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