Sunday, August 19, 2018


QWNS Café is a boutique café located right at the end of the N and Q line in Astoria, Queens. We stumbled upon this spot seeking refuge from the rain and we were pleasantly surprised as soon as we stepped inside! It was pretty packed, and although most of the tables were being hogged by people with laptops, we were able to find a spot to sit by the time we were done ordering.

The spot is beautiful with lots of natural light, plenty of seating, and decorated with a subway mural on the wall. The staff are super friendly and put a lot of effort into every drink that they make! They serve Joe's coffee and we all loved what we ordered. My friend is a pretty picky coffee drinker yet she loved her cappuccino here and said it wasn't too strong or milky, and the flavour was on point (her words)! My chai latté was also very good and had the perfect amount of cinnamon!

The selection of baked goods and brunch menu items looked delicious as well but we had just finished a big meal and had no room for sweets. If I had come here for brunch I would've definitely tried their avocado toast, açai bowl or any one of the fresh pastries! Check out the full menu here.

Travel Tip: Astoria is known for their Greek food. Check out the original Taverna Kyclades right by the Astoria Ditmar subway! Bonus - they served us complimentary dessert after our meal!

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