Sunday, April 17, 2016

Allo Velo

Allo Velo is a sleek bicycle & coffee-shop hybrid. In addition to coffee, Allo Velo mainly sells European style wheels, gear and clothes for cyclists in Montreal. This boutique is all about urban lifestyle cycling. They sell unique brands from local manufacturers and international bike forward countries. 

I loved this spot even though I am not a avid cyclist. They have a coffee machine in the corner of the store and they sell all kinds of baked goods and coffee from regular filtered coffee to espresso, flat whites, london fogs and macchiatos. They also have a pepresso on the menu, which is an eclectic blend of chocolate, and freshly ground pepper, resulting in a sweet and spicy espresso! I was so intrigued but it was not one of the coffee's included in the ICP.

This shop was closed in the winter and opened only after the ICP had expired. I was happy that they still honoured the coffee passport when we went back last weekend! Thanks Allo Velo for having us!

This post officially closes off the 2015 Indie Coffee Passport! Can't wait for next year!

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