Monday, September 19, 2016

Cafe Maesmi

Café Maesmi is a great spot in the Rosemont neighbourhood! I loved exploring this new neighbourhood.

This café got its name by joining the street names Masson and Saint-Michel! The spot is so cute and they have lots of unique desserts! They make homemade pastries, desserts and cakes from A to Z. I was so intrigued by the mango-passionfruit croissant which I’ll have to try  next time. Their menu has an impressive selection of coffees, desserts and also includes sandwiches.

I ordered a cappuccino and Charlotte ordered an Americano. We saw a number of people drinking a basil-lemonade which looked so interesting and Charlotte couldn’t resist ordering one too! I took a sip and was impressed at how refreshing it tasted! We both enjoyed our coffees (and lemonade) a lot. I loved that there was a lot of seating and also wifi. If you live close to this area this is certainly a spot you won’t want to miss!!

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